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"Alexa, shuffle Robert Glasper songs" is what I typically say right before I dive into working on this site. "Okay - shuffling Robert Glasper," she responds and almost instananeously I begin to hear the melodic touches and chords from the great virtuoso himself. I enjoy my little gadget sent from the Amazonian Echo-sphere. I use it in the morning to get caught up on news, the weather, daily reminders and even to hear a corny joke every now and again. However, I found an interesting and somewhat inspiring use for Alexa as of late. She's actually my round little muse and one of the primary motivators for me creating this site. You see, I am actually a little bit jealous of her. Each time, she delivers on demand like clockwork. Whereas - for me - oh let's just say within the past five years alone I've probably had close to 1,332 ideas that never made it past the right hemisphere of my brain. Each idea - I just knew would leave a magnificent and utilitarian mark in society. Each idea - that would completely capture my thoughts and focus for a moment. Each idea - I would rant and rave about to anyone who would listen. Each idea - that went absolutely nowhere. It makes me tired just thinking about the whirlwind of fleeting concepts and intentions. This time is different however - as much as I want to say I built this site for you and only you (and I did with you in mind) - I have to be honest, I had to do this for me. I had to prove to myself I can actually finish what I started - like Alexa - and deliver. 

I have spent over seven years in the talent acquisition and campus recruitment space working for three Fortune 500 companies. Through my personal and shared experiences with colleagues in the recruitment field - I have noticed an alarming trend amongst collegiate candidates who fit the corporate criteria of a "diverse candidate." If I could sum it up in one question - "where do I fit in?" The pursuit of this question often finds us in an active minefield planted with practices and nuances we are not accustomed to. Having had my own issues with "fitting in" in a corporate setting, I had to understand early on that this arena is much different than any other environment I was used to. Sure, my upbringing in the Philadelphia region taught me a lot about survival, intuition, hard work and grit and I am forever grateful for that. However, I had to learn that these characteristics would need to be applied in a totally different context in a culture dominated by individuals who may not necessarily look like me and/or care about where I'm from. After countless conversations with students, fellow recruiters, professors, school career services and many of you - I had to create this platform. This site was built for us. A virtual mentor if you will. A place that discusses everything from the nuances of the corporate world to how to format your resume to natural hair styles fit for the office -- and everything in between. Let's journey together ... 

- torrence s. traynham (founder and editor-in-cheif)

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